Time for some serious poker history

No War Without Trial – And No War Without Poker

It may sound strange to some, but one of the things that's synonym with war is actually poker. Since the American civil war soldiers have used poker as a way to stress down and escape from the harsh reality that war is. There have been many different ways of spending time while resting in war, and there have been many different games. For instance many Asian soldiers have through war times often used the game Go as a way to relax. But no game has ever been as popular as stud poker and Texas Holdem. The game of poker is also often symbolized through different paintings on American vehicles, tanks and fighter jets, often in forms of playing cards. Many say that the playing cards symbolize the fact that war is a type of game where your life is at stake. Famous generals have often said that war is like a game of chess. A wrong move and your whole army might be defeated. Playing Texas Holdem is quite similar. Poker players sometimes say that it feels like war sitting at a tournament table. The trick is to be smarter than your "enemies" and beat them and their own game. Click on the pictures below to more read about how war and poker is connected in different ways.